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Confidence Through Camaraderie

Plus Size Speed Dating is a Club Indulge event. 

We recognised that people of all shapes and sizes wanted Indulge events in different areas of the country, but finding suitable venues has been difficult! Therefore, we decided to spread our wings, and set up smaller events to help you meet mates, dates and maybe more in your local area.

We believe that the key to real confidence is camaraderie. We want you to meet people of all shapes, sizes, genders and sexualities who have shared your struggles, been through the same things you have, and will be a shoulder to cry on when times are tough, and that friend who will make you laugh until you cry. 

We also believe that the plus size dating scene is small and toxic. We're bored of swiping through the same faces, getting the same dull messages, and having to be wary of what lies in our inbox. Let's get out there in real life, and eliminate the time-wasters who never step out from behind their keyboard.

Most of all, we believe in love. Love for friends, significant others, and yourself. At our events, we aim to help you find all three. 

Gender policy

We believe gender and sexuality are fluid, so we use Red and Blue tickets instead of male and female.

If you want to chat to people who identify as women, buy a blue ticket. If you want to chat to people who identify as men, buy a red ticket. NB folks - choose whatever you feel like, but due to the format, we have to keep things a little simple!



Anyone worried about talking to an LQBTQ person is not welcome at our events.

Size Policy

We do not have a size policy, anyone of any size is welcome. You don't need to be over (and definitely not under) any size to join in. Traditionally - due to societies views on fat women - we have lots of straight sized men looking to meet larger women, but don't let that put you off!

 We use accessible venues as much as we can, but these might not be available in all areas. 

Ticket & Cancellation Policy

 All tickets for ALL events must be purchased in advance. 

We aim to get you chatting to at least ten people at each event. If we do not sell enough tickets, we may be forced to cancel 48 hours beforehand.

(We want to provide a night where you're in great company, not a hostage situation. )

Therefore we encourage you to buy the Advance tickets for lower cost than the Standard tickets. But don't 'leave it until next time' as we might not be back to the area if we do not get enough interest. 

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